Ta dine veterinære ferdigheter og kunnskaper til neste nivå

I samarbeid med Improve International tilbyr KRUUSE tre kurs utformet for å gi deg viktig kunnskap, metoder og teknikker innen fagområdene for å hjelpe deg med å utvikle karrieren din og ta med ferdigheter og kunnskap til praksisen.

Improve International, et av verdens ledende veterinæropplæringsfirmaer, ble grunnlagt i 1998 av en gruppe likesinnede veterinærer, og har siden gitt videreutdanning til mer enn 20.000 veterinærer og dyresykepleiere i 20 land, inkludert Storbritannia, Tyskland, Spania, USA, Australia og Kina.

Kursus 1


Veterinary Orthopaedics for Beginners

Develop your practical orthopaedic surgical skills. This practical course is designed to provide a solid grounding in how to deal with common orthopaedic problems. These will include femoral head and neck arthroplasty, surgery for osteochondrosis, lateral retinacular suture placement for the cruciate deficient stifle, and techniques to correct medial patellar luxation.

Kursus 2


TTA Rapid for Vets

This two-day course outlines the development of the TTA Rapid procedure, from technique, to instrumentation, to the aftercare, potential complications and how to avoid them. The course is designed for those already familiar with stifle surgery and the diagnosis of cranial cruciate ligament disease. Meniscal examination will not be a focus. Previous experience of osteotomy techniques is not required but is an asset.

Kursus 3


Feline Orthopaedics for Vets

Maximise the time you spend in the practical room. This two-day course is designed to teach you how to manage the main orthopaedic pathologies you are likely to see in cats.  Some theory will be included in the form of lectures, but the emphasis will be placed on how to perform each procedure.

Dato: 30.03.21 - 31.03.21

Dato: 25.05.21 - 26.05.21

Dato: 10.06.21 - 11.06.21

Information about the speaker:
Hannes Bergmann graduated from the UVM Vienna in 2001 and completed an internship at the Small Animal Hospital of the School of Veterinary Medicine Hannover. Hannes has worked in multidisciplinary referral hospitals in the UK since 2007 and became a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2008 and is also an RCVS recognised Specialist in Small Animal Surgery. He has established his independent "Oxford Veterinary Specialists" referral service in 2016. Hannes is surgery course director for Improve International and the editor of the Improve Surgery Textbook.

Information about the speaker:
Dr Yves Samoy graduated from the University of Ghent. Yves has been involved in the development of the TTA Rapid technique since its very beginning in 2011 and lectures internationally on the technique. Yves has recently been awarded the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Ghent.

Information about the speaker:
Nicolas Barthelemy, DMV, Dip ECVS, MRCVS, is an EBVS European specialist in small animal surgery and RCVS recognised specialist in small animal surgery. He is a senior clinician in orthopaedics at Langford Vets, Bristol. His main research interests are joint replacement, stifle surgery and fracture repair.

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