50 years of original protection

The invention of the BUSTER Collar changed the way we treat pets. We celebrate by introducing the new BUSTER Easy Collar.



Easy fitting

The BUSTER Easy Collar gives optimal
protection during recovery in 2 simple steps. It
is easy to take off and reapply in home ensuring
optimal post-op care.



Choose the right BUSTER Collar!

Follow our BUSTER Collar recommendation chart and collar guide to find the perfect post-op protection for your patients.

A World’s First

Discarded fishing nets is the main ingredient in the new green E-collar.
We call it BUSTER Green Ocean Collar, and it protects both pets and the environment.


Go Green

See how we transform old fishing nets into dog collars.

Snug Collars

Cushioned edge E-Collars

Original E-Collars

Inflatable Collars

Collars for brachycephalic dogs

Our range of BUSTER Collars has been extended with the BUSTER collar for brachycephalic breeds.

No more clumsy, tedious cutting of standard collars in the clinic to make them fit the brachycephalic breeds which are growing in numbers.