No. 1 Wound Treatment

KRUUSE wound products are designed to positively influence the wound environment and to facilitate optimal wound healing.

Dressings for optimal wound healing

The new KRUUSE dressings protect the wound and absorb and encapsule wound exudate. A correct absorption level reduces bandage change and promotes healing in an optimal moist environment.

KRUUSE Lite-Absorb
For mildly exudating wounds

KRUUSE Super-Absorb
For moderate to severe exudating wounds

Wound Charts

Use our small animal, equine and livestock wound charts as a guide in your daily wound management.

The importance of wound lavage

“The KRUUSE Lavage system is physiologically sound and very well constructed. It provides the busy practitioner with an easy way of maximising chances of a rapid healing process without the need for tedious and tissue destructive methods.”

Professor Derek C Knottenbelt OBE, BVM&S, DVM&S, DipECEIM, MRCVS