BUSTER Easy Collar, 5/pk

■ Adjustable fit and user-friendly closure system
■ Soft padding against the pet's neck ensures extra comfort
■ Fitted directly on the patient's neck, no need of fixing it to neck collars
■ Length: 7.5 cm / 3"
■ Neck-hole: 10-16 cm / 4-6"
Collar size
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BUSTER Easy Collar features an innovative closing system, making fitting easier and faster for vets and pet owners without compromising on safety. It gives the patients best-in-class comfort and optimal protection during recovery from surgery or minor injuries. The adjustable fit and user-friendly closure system ensure stressless handling and makes it easy for pet owners to follow vet instructions when returning home.

The fastest and most adjustable E-collar
BUSTER Easy Collar prevents the patient from reaching its wounds. The collar is easily applied in simple steps by mounting the buttons on the collar, placing it directly on the patient's neck and closing the buttons.
Taking the collar off is equally easy.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,15
Barcode 5703188040879