Recycled protection

BUSTER Green Ocean Collar is made with discarded end-of-life
fishing nets that would otherwise be sent to landfill,
burnt, or lost at sea.




The big collar tool

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Choose the natural solution

By using recycled fishing nets for BUSTER Green Ocean Collar we don’t use energi for producing virgin plastic  which burdens environment and climate.

Rethinking pet protection

Discarded fishing nets are being transformed into green dog collars. Besides giving optimal pet protection this solution also cares for our nature.

Postoperative protection

See the full range of BUSTER postoperative solutions in our catalogue. Besides the wide range of BUSTER Collars, you will also find BUSTER Body Suits and Sleeves, which are great alternatives to the dog collar.


Up to 13 million tons of plastic waste end up in our environment and oceans every year.

Around 10% of this plastic waste stems from discarded fishing nets from the maritime industry. If this continues, there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.