KRUUSE Dental Solution

With ergonomics, sharpness, durability and design in mind,
we have developed a top of class dental solution with
user-friendly instruments in superior quality for
best patient care.





For a Better Examination

A thorough examination forms the basis for the best dental treatment.

It takes good instruments to carry out a good examination. KRUUSE offers a wide range of instruments for dogs, cats and rabbits.

Choosing the Right Handle

Stubby or standard handle? What is the right size handle for your hand? You might not even know, there is a choice? Check out this simple way of finding the right size handle to improve your dentistry work and safety for the patients.

Rabbit and Rodents, billede
Rabbit and Rodents, billede

Rabbits and Rodents

Working with rabbits and rodents demands special hand instruments. KRUUSE has developed a range, which covers many of the procedures in this growing field of veterinary dentistry.

See our Big Range
of Instrument Sets

Different dental procedures require various assortments of instruments. In KRUUSE we have the most common instruments in sets.


Maintenance of
my Instruments

How do I sharpen my instruments correctly?
And how, where and when do I lubricate
my handpieces?

- These are some of the most frequently asked questions within handling instruments.

Sharpening instruments

High speed handpiece and lubrication

When to use the KRUUSE Scaler

When should I use the hand scaler instead of or in combination with the ultrasonic scaler?

Learn about where and how to use
the scaler correctly in these videos.

Piezo Scaling

Many vets prefer the ultrasonic Piezo scaling technique because of the linear motion in a longitudinal plane, low heat generation and less water requirement. Some water is of course essential to make sufficient irrigation for removal of debris and to cool the occurring frictional heat from the scaling.

Scaler 1

Step 1

Scaler 2

Step 2

Scaler 3

Step 3

Scaler 4

Step 4



Polishing is an important part of scaling.

Without polishing plaque easily appears on the teeth. It is harder for plaque to form on a clean and smooth tooth. 

How to Handle Burrs Correctly

It is important that the burrs are correctly inserted in the handpieces for longer durability and easier handling.


How to handle burs Step 1

1. Place the burr in the bottom of the turbine head with no pressure

How to handle step 2

2. Push the button hard and then press the burr into place in the turbine

How to handle step 3

3. Release and you are ready to go

KRUUSE Dental Training Videos

Education is a core value in KRUUSE.

We believe that education brings better communication, quality products and service
to our customers and through that better procedures in the clinics and the goal
for all of us …better animal welfare.


KRUUSE Dental traning Videos

Ultrasonic Scaling

Slow speed handpiece and lubrication

Sharpening instruments

KRUUSE Serrated luxators


KRUUSE luxators

KRUUSE High speed handpiece and lubrication

KRUUSE Explorer and Measuring Probe

KRUUSE Elevators

KRUUSE Dental Mirror

KRUUSE Decidous elevators

KRUUSE Curette

KRUUSE Bedi-Shield-Vet

Elevators and luxators in extractions

Choosing the right handle