KRUUSE Urinary Concept

The broad catheter assortment from KRUUSE is developed
to reduce discomfort to animals, to ensure high quality and
to improve user-friendliness.

BUSTER Easy Slide Cat Catheter

  • Highly lubricated catheter for easing the procedure 
  • Perfect rigidity for easy catheterisation
  • Suturing holes in base plate for securing placement of the catheter
  • Radio-opaque tubing for x-ray visibility
  • Luer lock fitting for easy attachment of syringe and urine bag



Cat Catheter Guide

Dog Catheter Guide

Specialized in Dog and Cat Catheters

  Reduce discomfort to animals

  Ensure high quality

  Improve user-friendliness

Being a first mover in the field of urology KRUUSE specializes in different types of catheters. Our main focus is to reduce discomfort to the animals during treatment. 

Have a look at our catheters for cats and dogs.

Dog Catheters

Cat Catheters

Hydrophilic Coated Catheters

KRUUSE believes that veterinary patients should have access to the same standard of consumables as human patients.

Therefore, we have developed a hydrophilic coated urinary catheter for dogs.
The result is a catheter with a very smooth and viscous surface, providing obvious
benefits to canine patients.

The BUSTER HC Urinary Catheters makes KRUUSE 1st in veterinary medicine.


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