Handle With Care

All animals should be treated with care!

Today’s guidelines on animal welfare are based on 5 important freedoms from “The Brambell Report” in 1965:

5 runde billeder

For freedom 5, the farmer, stock people and veterinarian need to consider how to handle animals both in daily interactions and especially in stressful or painful situations.
The trends of modern farming go towards larger farms, labor saving equipment and robots. This means a decrease in human-animal interactions.
Therefore, focus on habituating animals to positive human contact from an early age
will be of great benefit to both welfare, safety and production outcome.

  Shorter milking time

  Less teat damage

  Better tolerance in stressful situations

  Less work-related injuries

  Better meat quality and milk yield

Sometimes however, stressful procedures are inevitable in means of fixation or relocation. KRUUSE offers a range of products for these purposes, but we strongly urge the farmers to always choose the lightest possible form of restraint.