You get a wide range of products and equipment carefully selected by our team of equine specialists. Products are developed in close cooperation with leading specialists to meet equine veterinarian demands.

Specialised IV Catheters
- made for use in Large Animal Veterinary Practice

The KRUUSE Large Animal IV Catheters are intended for venous catheterization in cases where continuing IV access is needed to ease procedures and avoid repeated venipuncture.


Better hygiene with closed system

SafeVet Connect is a needle-free extension line that fits all IV access catheters. The closed system minimises phlebitis and ensures no blood reflux, easy disinfection and reduced waste (needles and caps).



Fluid therapy for large animals

Fluid therapy is a vital treatment in everyday veterinary practice. In some cases, it is lifesaving. Therefore, having the right tools is essential.  
We have gathered our large animal infusion products in this brochure
- and it is topped with insights!