Try our new KRUUSE SafeVet products

SafeVet products are safety editions of the most popular KRUUSE infusion products, allowing you to carry out infusion procedures with a reduced risk for needlestick injuries, contamination, disconnection, and phlebitis.

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We want to create a safe working environment     
for vets to ensure best animal care.   

- Best practice is safe practice

How to use SafeVet products

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KRUUSE SafeVet Combi Set

The needle-free injection site gives you a safe and quick access to administer medication directly IV while infusion therapy is on-going.



Reduced risk for


  Needlestick injuries



Closed system ensures

  Concurrent infusion and injection

  Adequate pressure

  No blood reflux

Optimal tubing

  Softens at body temperature

  Long indwelling time

  Visible in X-ray


KRUUSE SafeVet Pencil Style

The popular Pencil Style Catheter is now available in a safety edition with automatic safety mechanisms.

High quality for extra animal comfort

Features like biocompatible polyurethane tubing that softens at body temperature ensure a higher level of animal comfort.