KRUUSE Infusion Sets

The KRUUSE Infusion Sets comes in different versions to cover various needs.



Infusion Set

KRUUSE IV infusion set with air vent and needle-free injection site.



  Easy administration

  Free movement

  Flow rate regulation

Reduced risk for

  Stick injuries


Disposable IV Infusion Sets for Gravity Use

The air vent prevents under-pressure in the fluid container and chamber during infusion.
The Y-injection site is suitable for administration of medicine through the membrane while infusion is on-going.


KRUUSE Burrette Set

The preferred IV infusion set for accurate and controlled infusion for small animals like small cats, kittens, puppies and ferrets.


KRUUSE Small Animal Spiral Infusion Set

The long and curly spiral tubing prevents the animal from slipping or stumbling, allowing the hospitalised patient to move freely while in a cage.