KRUUSE ART-SP2 piezo scaler and micro motor, 110V

Combined Piezo scaler and micromotor unit. This is a superbly combined Piezo unit for most veterinary practices, who want an easy-to-use scaler and polisher in one unit. The front is very easy-to-use with a button to switch between scaling and polishing mode. The scaler is a Satelec scaler, which can be autoclaved at 135°C. The
micromotor rotates up to 30,000 rpm. Additional accessories can be purchased to fit into the micromotor such as large burrs directly into the straight nose cone and also diamond disc cutting wheels.

ART-SP2 Satelec Piezo scaler and micromotor includes:

  • 271400, 271401, 271402 3 Bonart scaling tips, no. 1, 2 and 3
  • 390536 Bonart Spetsnyckel
  • 271190 Pump, 5 l water bottle
  • 271103 Foot pedal control, on and off
  • 271395 Micromotor E fitting and holder
  • 282464 Straight nose cone 1:1
  • 282485 KRUUSE Starter set for polishing (KRUUSE Oscillerande Prophy
  • Angle plates, polishing paste, polishing cups)
Weight including packaging in kg 7,40
Barcode 5703188312549