SafeAbsorb - KRUUSE H-BAR. No Fresh Gas Inlet


Circle system: 
▪ Circular 14.5 cm OD polycarbonate
▪ Holds 0.7 kg absorbent
▪ Fail safe adjustable APL spill valve (30 cm H20 release)
▪ WAG adapter for 22 mm ID tube
▪ Rear FG inlet nipple - no tubing
▪ Absorbent fill port and mount recess
▪ Autoclavable

Can be used in all ‘In-Circuit’ vapouriser anaesthetic machines.

KRUUSE H-BAR is used for in-circuit anaesthesia machines.
This product has no gas inlet hole at the rear.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,40
Barcode 5703188352149