KRUUSE luxator, 3 mm, stubby handle

■ Working end: 3 mm / 0.12"
■ Handle width: 28 mm / 1.1"
■ Handle length: 75 mm / 2.8"
■ Total length: 120 mm / 4.7"
■ 1/pk
Luxators are used to stretch and seperate the periodontal ligament and to force a wedge between the root of the tooth and the surrounding bone, which helps to loosen the tooth in the socket.

Our luxators are straight and extremely sharp and should not be used to lift the tooth like an elevator. Often it is sufficient to use the luxators and then remove the tooth with an extraction forceps afterwards.
Choosing the right size handle - a standard or a stubby (short) handle? It is a great advantage to have two different sizes of handles to choose between, when selecting your luxators/elevators. It is important to have full control over the instrument, otherwise it can slip and hurt the patient. If you can put the blunt end of the handle in your palm and almost reach the tip of the instrument with your index finger, then the dental instrument is the right size for your hand.

■ The luxator is used parallel to the tooth axis.
■ Insert it into the periodontal space and press forward towards the apex of the root.
■ Move the luxator with slightly vibrating movements and make sure not to twist it, since this can cause metal destruction at the thin, pointed tip.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,05
Barcode 5703188290304