KRUUSE Instrument Set, 5 piece, for deciduous teeth

The set consists of:
■ 282391-292393: KRUUSE Curved Deciduous Elevator, S, M, L
■ 282394: KRUUSE Extraction Forceps, right angled
■ 282390: KRUUSE Periosteal Elevator, Molt, No 9
The deciduous teeth set of 5 instruments is complimentary to a regular extraction set and consists of instruments for extracting deciduous teeth. Can also be used for rabbits and large rodents.
The set is delivered in a nice black cardboard box.

Instrument sets
■ Different dental procedures require various assortments of instruments.
■ In KRUUSE we have the most common instruments in sets.
■ The sets are sold in nice boxes.
■ It is advisable to sterilise and store the instruments in a clean environment before and in between use.
■ Each instrument can be purchased individually.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,62
Barcode 5703188291615