PetSafe Stance Analyser


The PetSafe Stance Analyzer is a great tool that quickly and objectively diagnosis lameness in dogs of any shape and size. As the pet stands anywhere within each quadrant, the Stance Analyzer assesses the weight distribution of each leg, helping to pinpoint the source of any problem.(1)

See video on setup and use of Stance Analyzer

Video: The role of the Stance Analyzer in Sports Medicine

The Stance Analyzer can detect unequal weight distribution and aid in the diagnosis of a variety of complex issues such as early onset arthritis, partial cruciate tears, hip dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease and other issues as well. (1)

Quick & easy to use
Reveals subtle lameness
Objective weight bearing data
Easy to chart/demonstrate progress for owner

Key Features:
Portable, easy to clean and virtually waterproof.
The software is easy to use and interpret.
The graphical display provides visual representation of weight bearing, stability, and center of gravity. The patient’s history is easily accessible, which allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment regimen. All of the information is printable so that you can share the patient’s progress with the owner. The software features a Stability Test Center which reportsdata instantly. It provides specific data to assess lameness, and offers individual patient filing for long term monitoring.
Stance Analyzer Remote allows the complete analysis to be performed by a single person. It quickly captures real-time snap shots of each patient’s stance. Samples can quickly be deleted if movement occurs. The system will average the data across all captures for the most accurate assessment.

Video: Stance Analyzer Set Up and Use:

Video: What Does the Stance Analyzer Track:

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