KRUUSE Manuka G, sterile, 50 g gel x 6/pk

■ Honey wound dressing
■ Sterile
■ 100% Leptospermum scoparium honey
■ 50 g gel x 6/pk
100% Leptospermum scoparium honey from New Zealand.May be used to add honey directly to the wound and provide a moist wound environment conducive to healing.

■ Traumatic and contaminated wounds including minor abrasions and lacerations
■ Sloughy wounds requiring autolytic debridement
■ Superficial and partial thickness burns
■ Pressure sores
■ Surgical wounds
■ Cavity wounds including abscesses

Instructions for use

After wound bed preparation simply apply the dressing needed. Evaluate the wound for amount of exudate and time to the next dressing change. Use KRUUSE Manuka Honey as primary dressing alone or in combination with KRUUSE HydroGel.

Primary dressing suggestions
■ KRUUSE Manuka Honey
■ KRUUSE Lite-Absorb
■ KRUUSE Super-Absorb

Secondary dressing suggestions
■ KRUUSE Foam Dressing
■ KRUUSE Lite-Absorb
■ KRUUSE Super-Absorb

Tertiary bandages
■ KRUUSE Vet-Plast
■ KRUUSE Vet-Flex
■ KRUUSE Soft-Flex bandages
■ BUSTER Tubular Bandage

Removal: Remove the dressing and flush away the honey to evaluate the wound and e.g., do debridement.
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