It is well known that the sooner the horse with severe leg injuries is immobilized, the greater is the probability that the horse will return succesfully to its former use.

The splint is made of 6 mm ABS plastic, conferring great strength and providing excellent support for distal limb injuries. The lower portion of the splint includes a block wedge designed to elevate and support the back of the hoof. In conjunction with the moulded dorsal portion of the splint, the wedge removes strain from the digital flexor tendons and immobilizes completely the distal joints of the limb. Indications for the splint include the treatment of severe tendon injuries, lacerations and the immobilisation of distal limb fractures. The splint offers rapid and efficient support for transportation to the hospital or clinic. Should be standard equipment in all equine veterinary practices. The material is fully radiolucent and is unaffected by water, blood and disinfectant solutions.
The Monkey Splints are ready for use incl. bandage kit (160570 contains a compress and gauze bandage).

Weight including packaging in kg 0,89
Barcode 5703188015457