KRUUSE Gauze Swabs, X-ray, 5 x 5 cm, 12 ply, 17 thread, sterile, 10 x 10/pk


High quality 17 thread gauze made of 100% cotton, which provides a high absorption capacity during various procedures. You use fewer swabs and achieve better economy. At the same time, it has folded edges and stable thread, so you avoid leaving fibers and loose threads in the wound, which can slow down the wound healing process. The x-ray thread is radiopaque, which ensure fast and secure traceability.

KRUUSE Gauze Swabs For sterile or non-sterile use, KRUUSE Gauze Swabs come in various sizes and layers with a high thread count and folded edges ensuring high absorption and decreased risk of infection. Faster healing The folded edges in KRUUSE Gauze Swabs leave less debris and lint residue in the wound during procedures. Use the gauze swab as it is and do not cut the edges, as doing so might leave lint residue and prolong wound healing or cause infection/inflammation. High quality equals high absorption KRUUSE Gauze Swabs contain a 17-thread quality since a high thread count equals more material and hence a higher absorption capacity, which also means less gauze swabs are needed per procedure.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,13
Barcode 5703188337221