KRUUSE Steri-Protect, Vet. Poultice Dressing, display box, 10/pk

■ Sterile veterinary dressing
■ Excellent absorbency
■ Free from added chemiclas
■ Size of dressing: 20 x 40 cm
■ Display box
■ 10/pk
Instructions for use

Hot dressing
■ Boiled water is placed in a shallow container and cooled to 37 °C
■ Cut the dressing to the size and shape required and place in the water
■ When saturated, remove from the water and squeeze out excess liquid
■ Place over the affected area with the shiny side away from the skin
■ Secure with a bandage

Cold dressing
■ Soak the dressing in boiled water as described above, and let the dressing cool completely
■ Apply to affected area
■ The dressing can also be chilled in the refrigerator and kept in the bag

Dry dressing
■ Apply to the affected area and secure with a bandage
■ Avoid applying the bandage too tightly
■ Always apply with shiny side away from the skin
Weight including packaging in kg 0,52
Barcode 5703188045843