BUSTER Foley Plus Catheter, 5/pk

■ Side holes, without wire
■ Sterile
■ Silicone catheter with high biocompatibility
■ Suitable for long-term placement
■ Green
■ Amount cc (ml) in retention balloon: 1.5 cc (ml)

Catheter size
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2-way catheter in silicone with retention balloon, high biocompatibility and suitable for long term placement.

Improved patient safety
The retention balloon secures the catheter in situ and the rounded tip and atraumatic side holes help avoid tissue damage. The highly biocompatible silicone makes the catheter suitable for long-term placement up to 7 days.

Easy insertion - no wire
The catheter is made of white silicone with an added substance that increases the shore of the catheter. This means that the catheter rigidity is increased, compared to the BUSTER Foley Catheter, and therefore does not require a wire for insertion. After insertion it is recommended to attache a urine bag to control the urine flow.

Step 1
Insert the catheter through urethra into the bladder.

Step 2
Fill the balloon with 1.5 cc (ml) / 3-5 cc (ml) isotonic saline.

Step 3
Connect a BUSTER Urine Bag (Cat. No 273856) to collect and control urine flow.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,20
Barcode 5703188339447