BUSTER Dog Flushing Catheter, 4 Fr x 20”, 1.3 mm x 50 cm, Open End, 12/pk

■ Sterile
■ Ideal for flushing of the urethra to relieve urethral obstruction
■ White

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Based on the popular BUSTER Dog Catheter, this open-end catheter is ideal for flushing of the urethra to relieve urethral obstruction.

Best practice
An open-end catheter provides optimal conditions for flushing uroliths retrograde into the bladder.

The polypropylene catheter tubing is rigid and still flexible for easy catheter introduction and placement. The female Luer Lock fitting ensures easy and secure syringe attachment.

Increased patient safety
This catheter helps prevent unnecessary tissue damage thanks to the atraumatic, rounded end hole and because the hydro-pressure is directly aimed at the obstruction, not the urethral wall.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,14
Barcode 5703188340269