KRUUSE Promilene, USP 3-0/EP 2, 70 cm, pink fluorescence, 26 mm, 3/8 C, reverse cutting, 18/pk

■ Suitable for skin closure, ophthalmic surgery, neurosurgery and cardiovascular surgery
■ USP 3-0
■ EP 2
■ Shape of needle: 3/8 circle, reverse cutting
■ Suture length: 70 cm / 27.5"
■ Needle length: 26 mm
■ Colour: Pink fluorescence
■ 18/pk
KRUUSE Promilene is a monofilament non-absorbable suture. It is made from polymer of polypropylene.

Monofilament: For smooth passage through tissue and high tissue compatibility
Synthetic: For minimal tissue reaction
Non-absorbable: Provides permanent tensile strength

KRUUSE Promilene Suture is coloured blue for easy identification during surgery. The monofilament and synthetic properties of the suture give a smooth surface, minimal tissue reaction, and decreased incidence of infection and trauma. The suture is resistant to repeated bending.

Chemical composition: KRUUSE Promilene is composed of an isotactic crystalline stereoisomer of polypropylene, a polymer of propylene

Colour: Blue and pink fluorescence

KRUUSE Promilene is commonly used in soft tissue approximation and ligation where a permanent support is needed.
Areas of use include:
■ Skin closure
■ Ophthalmic surgery
■ Vascular and cardiovascular surgery
■ Neurosurgery

USP 6-0 to 2
EP 0.7 to 5

Sterilisation method: EO
Weight including packaging in kg 0,09
Barcode 5703188333889