KRUUSE Promilene suture, USP 3-0, 45 cm, needle: 19 mm, reverse cutting, 3/8 circle, 18/pk

■ Suitable for skin closure, ophthalmic surgery, neurosurgery and cardiovascular surgery
■ USP 3-0
■ EP 2
■ Shape of needle: 3/8 circle, reverse cutting
■ Suture length: 45 cm / 18"
■ Needle length: 19 mm
■ Colour: Blue
■ 18/pk
KRUUSE Promilene is a monofilament non-absorbable suture. It is made from polymer of polypropylene.

Monofilament: For smooth passage through tissue and high tissue compatibility
Synthetic: For minimal tissue reaction
Non-absorbable: Provides permanent tensile strength

KRUUSE Promilene Suture is coloured blue for easy identification during surgery. The monofilament and synthetic properties of the suture give a smooth surface, minimal tissue reaction, and decreased incidence of infection and trauma.
The suture is resistant to repeated bending.

Chemical composition
KRUUSE Promilene is composed of an isotactic crystalline stereoisomer of polypropylene, a polymer of propylene

Blue and pink fluorescence

KRUUSE Promilene is commonly used in soft tissue approximation and ligation where a permanent support is needed.
Areas of use include:
■ Skin closure
■ Ophthalmic surgery
■ Vascular and cardiovascular surgery
■ Neurosurgery

USP 6-0 to 2
EP 0.7 to 5

Sterilisation method: EO
Weight including packaging in kg 0,09
Barcode 5703188267634