KRUUSE Krupramid Suture, USP 2/EP 5, 75 m/246 ft, white

KRUUSE Krupramid is a synthetic, non-absorbable, pseudo-monofilament, sterile suture. Gives minimal tissue reaction due to the monofilament outer sheaht. Moreover, Krupramid has good tying properties due to the multifilament core.
KRUUSE Krupramid casette contains 1/pk. Shelf life is 3 years (from production date), 3 month after 1st use. This pseudo-monofilament suture consists of a core of polyamide 6.6 and a sheath of polyamide 6. Suitable for e.g. epidermal approximation.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,18
Barcode 5703188352811