KRUUSE Krupramid Suture, USP 1/EP 4, 70 cm/27.5", black, 39 mm needle, 3/8 circle, reverse cutting, 12/pk

KRUUSE Krupramid is a synthetic, non-absorbable, pseudo-monofilament, sterile suture. Gives minimal tissue reaction due to the monofilament outer sheaht. Moreover, Krupramid has good tying properties due to the multifilament core.
KRUUSE Krupramid dispenser box contains 12 peelpacks. Shelf life is 5 years (from production date). This pseudo-monofilament suture consists of a core of polyamide 6.6 and a sheath of polyamide 6. Suitable for e.g. epidermal approximation.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,08
Barcode 5703188352682