KRUUSE Sacryl Rapid Suture, USP 5-0/EP 1, 45 cm/18", undyed, 19 mm needle, 3/8 circle, reverse cutting, 12/pk

■ Suitable for quick healing tissue like oral mucosa and gingiva or where fully tissue support is not required for more than 7 days
■ USP 5-0
■ EP 1
■ Shape of needle: 3/8 circle, reverse cutting
■ Suture length: 45 cm / 18"
■ Needle length: 19 mm
■ Colour: Undyed
■ 12/pk
■ Shelf life is 3 years (from production date)
KRUUSE Sacryl Rapid Suture is a synthetic, absorbable, multifilament, sterile surgical suture composed of a copolymer made from 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide (Polyglactin 910) and is coated with polyglycolide-co-lactide (30/70) and calcium stearate.
The characteristic rapid loss of strength is achieved by use of a polymer material with a lower molecular weight than regular KRUUSE Sacryl (Polyglactin 910) Suture. KRUUSE Sacryl Rapid Suture is available undyed.

Complete mass absorption in 42-56 days (approximately 55% of original tensile strength 7 days after implantation, 20% of original tensile strength 14 days after implantation, and 5% of original tensile strength 28 days after implantation).

KRUUSE Sacryl Rapid is preferred in soft tissue- and dental surgery where a rapid healing is expected and a rapid suture absorption is beneficial.

Where longer or permanent support is required

USP 5-0 to 3-0
EP 1 to 2

Sterilisation method: EO
Weight including packaging in kg 0,08
Barcode 5703188348814