KRUUSE Sacryl Plus Suture, USP 2-0, 70 cm, violet, 26 mm needle, ½C, round bodied tapercut, 18/pk

KRUUSE Sacryl Plus USP 2-0 (EP 3). Multifilament, absorbable suture, 70 cm, violet. Needle: 26 mm, ½ circle, round bodied, tapercut. Box of 18 peel packs.
KRUUSE Sacryl Plus is a multifilament, antibacterial, coated, absorbable suture. The suture is absorbed by hydrolysis. The actibacterial features reduce incidence of infection, oedema and pain. It is composed of Polyglactin 910 (copolymer of 90% Glycolid and 10% L-lactid). The suture is coated with Chlorhexidine Diacetate and the braided structure on the suture assures a good knot tying and makes the suture smooth and easy to work with. Indications: Suitable for suture of subcutaneous tissue, fascia, joint capsules, muscles, uterus, Gl-surgery and vascular surgery.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,10
Barcode 5703188292483