BUSTER Body Sleeves, hind legs

■ Easy-to-cut non-fraying fabric
■ Comfortable, soft and flexible
■ Breathable material
■ Easy fitting and removal
■ Push buttons for optimum safety
■ Full freedom of movement
■ Made from polyester/viscose/elastane
■ Sleeve Length: 27 cm / 11"
■ Body Length: 28 cm / 11"
■ 1/pk

Textile size
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BUSTER Body Sleeves for hind legs is an ideal choice for dogs recovering from surgery or minor injuries. 
A body sleeve is also suitable for protecting tender areas caused by excessive licking, biting, or chewing. 

Easy-to-cut non-fraying fabric
The extra sleeve fabric can be folded around the paw of the dog in case of a paw injury. The remaining sleeve fabric can be cut off in a suitable length for the individual dog.
Please use an extra anti-slid paw protection for the safety of the dog.
Let the dog keep the Body Sleeves on when nature calls, easily cut a customised slit or hole in the non-fraying fabric.

The unique Body Sleeves are available in a version for front legs and a version for hind legs depending on the area affected on the dog. The Body Sleeves can be used for both cats and dogs.

BUSTER Body Sleeves are perfect for:
■ Postoperative care
■ Wound Care
■ Hotspots and other skin disorders

Weight including packaging in kg 0,07
Barcode 5703188317407