KRUSAN zinc ointment 200 ml


Water-repellent unscented protective ointment. Immediately after application, KRUSAN zinc ointment forms an oil film, which protects the skin against water, sweat, urine, faeces and other secretions.

KRUSAN zinc ointment is made as a thin zinc paste which is easy to distribute and is easily absorbed by the skin. Although the ointment is hydrophobic, it lets the skin breathe. KRUSAN zinc ointment has a low pH (4.5) to maintain the skin´s natural acidity which is crucial to the skin´s defence mechanism against ammonia formed by urine and faeces. Zinc oxide is the active substance that with its drying effect relieves skin reddening and irritation. It also contains allantoin and chamomile as anti-irritants.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,30
Barcode 5703188227324