KRUUSE Rumen Acidosis Paste, 4/pk


Regulation of rumen imbalances.

For prevention and as aid in the treatment of rumen acidosis in cattle with small peptic ulcers.

Mineral containing paste with acid-neutralising effect of the rumen. Also stimulation of the natural intestinal flora.

Indication: To treat or reduce the risk reduction of acidosis. Low level of easily fermentable carbohydrates and high buffering capacity. Especially for highyielding cows.

Vegetable oils and fats (sunflower)
Crude protein 11.50 %
Crude fat 57.75 %
Crude fiber 0.10 %
Crude ash 6.30 %
Hydrochloric acid
insoluble ash 5.80 %
Starch <0.1 %

- Feed one tube twice daily for two to four days.
- Feeding duration: up to two months.

Store at ambient temperature, frost-free, dry, and protected from direct sunlight! Once opened, use it as quick as possible.

For veterinary use only
Cannot be sold individually

Weight including packaging in kg 1,48
Barcode 5703188351876