KRUUSE Ketosis Paste, 12/pk


Reducing the risk of Ketosis.

Good support for ruminants in negative energy balance or intense production.

Reducing the risk of ketosis.
Often associated with intense production and negative energy balance.

High-energy product containing propylene glycol and other essential nutrients for ruminants in negative energy balance.                                 

Feeding duration:
Between 3 weeks before and 6 weeks after calving.

Indication: To treat or reduce the risk of ketosis. During the supply of calcium or sodium propionates at the end of gestation, an evaluation of the mineral equilibrium in association with the risk of hypocalcemia after parturition is necessary

Composition: Propylenglycol, Glycerine, Crude protein 3.5 %, Crude fibre 1.0 %, Crude fat 1.0 %, Crude ash 0.5 %, Calcium 0.01 %, Sodium 0.1 %

- 320 g twice per animal and day
- Feeding duration: Between three weeks before and six weeks after calving

Contraindications: The simultaneous use of different organic acids or their salts is contraindicated where one or more of them is used or near the maximum permitted content

Store at ambient temperature, frost-free, dry and protected from direct sunlight! Once opened, use as quick as possible

For veterinary use only
Cannot be sold individually

Weight including packaging in kg 4,00
Barcode 5703188351814