EQUIVET Slipper, M

The Slipper is a revolutionary advancement for the equine industry. It was developed to aid in treating, medicating and protecting the equine hoof.
¿ Provides a clean and protected environment for medicating (abscess, packing)
¿ Protection (Pulled shoe)
¿ Breeding
¿ Laminitis
¿ Reduced concussion

A Better Alternative
Replacing foot wraps every time medication is re-applied can get expensive. This unique product allows the hoof to breathe while being treated, which helps to promote a healthy hoof. The ¿Slipper¿ can actually replace a foot wrap all together! The body of the ¿Slipper¿ is made of a heavy ply cordura and is fastened to the high-grade leather base with a resilient nylon thread. The durable, yet pliable material allows a comfortable fit and makes them safe and easy to apply.
EQUIVET ¿Slipper¿ is as easy to put on and take off as it looks! The Velcro opening is wide enough to slip in the hoof in and tighten the Velcro tabs to create a snug, perfect fit which eliminates any discomfort your horse may experiencewith regular foot wraps. EQUIVET ¿Slipper¿ provides protection, keeps the hoof clean, holds medication in place, replaces bulky foot wraps, is safe and easy to apply, is not for use during exercise.
The EQUIVET ¿Slipper¿is tailored for maximum adjustability and fit. The four sizes, along with adjustable Velcro, allows for a custom fit for all normal hoof variations.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,17
Barcode 5703188237712