KRUUSE Hoof Glue, 200 ml


Fast setting two-component polyurethane adhesive for cattle.
KRUUSE Hoof Glue has been designed as a treatment for bovine hoof pathologies. It is used for bonding a wooden orthopedic block under the healthy hoof. Thus, the injured hoof is raised clear of the ground. That allows an immediate recovery of the mobility, a fast healing and the resumption of the normal milk yield in a short term.

The product must be kept at room temperature - at least 17-18°. If the product is a bit overheated at 22° C before getting out, this is even better.
Freezing temperatures compromise the PU adhesive irreversibly (as for all PU products, as well as many other chemicals). In case the product freeze, it cannot be used anymore.
We recommend using heated boxes in order to advoid freezing.

Technical Features:
Initial setting: 15 sec. (at approx. 20° C)
Complete hardening: 30-40 sec. (at approx. 20° C)
Foot release: 3-4 min. Less stress for the cow
Bond strength of the block properly fixed: 4-5 weeks
One cartridge is sufficient for 9-11 treatments

Why choose the KRUUSE Hoof Glue:
Extremely easy to use
Last generation PU technology
“No-waste” hermetic packaging in application and storage
Innovative closing system: no risk of obstruction or breaking of the cartridge
200 ml. content: from 10% to 25% of material more than other products on the market

Weight including packaging in kg 0,32
Barcode 5703188315182