EQUIVET Stomach Tube, S, 13 x 2700 mm

■ Made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE
■ Smooth and easy to pass
■ Reduces risk of tissue damage
■ "Funnel-shaped" connection to the feeder instead of the blue end
■ Easy connection to colic pump and funnel
■ “Portex” feeling
■ Atraumatic
■ Flared connector tip
■ Size: S, 13 x 2700 mm
New improved version and design.
These tubes are made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE, which is slightly softer than polyurethane (PU) increasing comfort for the horse.
Available in 4 sizes.

All the EQUIVET stomach tubes are smooth and easy to pass. The nose end with rounded edges reduces risk of tissue damage. The opposite end formed and ridged for secure and easy connection to both stomach pump, funnel and activated charcoal bottle.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,09
Barcode 5703188303561