KRUUSE PiDia light Test, 5/pk

■ PiDia Light quick test
■ Fast screening test for detection of 3 different diarrea-causing pathogenes in pigs
■ High sensitivity (92-98%)
■ High specificity (94-96%)
■ Easy and quick to use
■ Store at room temperature, +2C / +30C
■ Shelf life 18-24 months
■ No preheating of the test
■ Sample material: Plasma, serum, whole blood (heparin)
■ Test time: 10 minutes
■ 5/pk Made to order - no returns
Diarrhea screening test for swine practice. The test screens for Rotavirus and Clostridium perfringens in the same test. Can be used directly in the barn with test results within 10 minutes.

KRUUSE Quick Tests can be used as emergency diagnostic tools or as a part of your screening work.
KRUUSE Quick Tests are produced in Germany under constant quality control in collaboration with Georg August University, Göttingen.
Quality and reliability have high priority: These tests have high sensitivity (92-98%) as well as high specificity (94-96%).
The manufacturer has the highly recognized GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) seal of approval.
All the products are easy, uncomplicicated and quick to use, so that targeted therapeutic measures can be implemented quickly. The tests for FIV/FELV, Borrelia and Ehrichia Canis (Anaplasma) can be performed with both whole blood and serum. The Giardia and Parvo tests are performed easily and hygienically by collecting feces in the supplied container. As all tests can be stored at room temperature (shelf life 18-24 months), the tests can be used immediately without the need for heating.
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