KRUUSE IgG Foal Quick Test, 5/pk

KRUUSE IgG Foal Quick Test Rapid assay for evaluation of IgG concentration hos new born foal. KRUUSE IgG Foal can be used with either serum, plasma or whole blood, thus suitable for using on site as well as in the clinic.
Transfer of maternelle antibodies via colostrum the first 24 hours post partum is extreemly important. If the amount of antibodies is sufficent, the contration of foal IgG is 800 mg/dl. KRUUSE IgG Foal is a semi-quantitative rapid assay to determination of IgG level in foal, and has the following intervals: <400 mg/dl, 400-800 mg/dl and >800 mg/dl
Weight including packaging in kg 0,08
Barcode 5703188294791