KRUUSE Fecal Ova 3 Step, 50/pk

Easy and hygienic way to test the dog or cat for intestinal parasites.

Fecal Ova can be given to the customer, who uses the blue insert to sample the faeces with.
The insert is locked into the container and subsequently transported to the vet.

The vet then simply fills the flotation medium, eg Fasol 1 l (cat. No 291015), to the tip of the arrow, then rotates the blue insert clockwise and counter-clockwise for a number of times making sure that the blue insert is firmly in place in holder and flotation medium is added to form a convex liquid surface.

Finally, a coverslip is floated on the liquid surface for 15 - 0 minutes and transferred to the slide for microscopic examination.
Weight including packaging in kg 0,83
Barcode 5703188207296