KRUUSE Venocan Pencil Style IV Catheter, 1.1 x 33 mm, 20G, 50/pk


■ FEP tubing material ■ Popular and simple pencil style IV catheter without wings and injection port ■ Thin-walled catheter with a large inner diameter assures good flow ■ Size: 1.1 x 32 mm / 20G ■ Flow rate: 57 ml/min. ■ Peel pack ■ Comes in 50/pk

Infusion catheter without wings and also without injection port. New and better catheter made in Teflon® FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene). Sharper facet shaped Japanese needles with transparent chamber, that enables the vet to see the blood.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,35
Barcode 5703188268914