KRUUSE SafeVet InfuVein, 0,7 x 19 mm (24G x 3/4"), yellow, 50/pk

■ Injection port for fast and easy medicine administration during infusion
■ Colour-coded hub for easy and fast catheter size recognition
■ Safety needle guard automatically covers the needle’s sharp bevel, minimizing needle stick injuries
■ The “Quick Flashback Needle'' indicates successful venipuncture along the side of the tubing showing the blood
■ Kink-resistant radiopaque polyurethane catheter tubing
■ High biocompatibility, suitable for long indwelling time
■ The hydrophobic filter on the Luer Lock cap prevents blood leakage during catheterisation
■ Priming volume: 0,06ml
The popular KRUUSE InfuVein Catheter with injection port is available in a safety edition with automatic safety mechanism.

User-friendly and safe
With KRUUSE SafeVet InfuVein the quick flash-back instantly confirms successful venipuncture. The instant confirmation of blood flow along catheter tubing, will increases the clinician's ability to successfully access the vein.
Once placed correctly intravenously it is easy and fast to use the injection port for medication and the snap cap ensures easy closure.

Safe withdrawal
The safety needle guard automatically covers the needle’s sharp bevel after withdrawal from the hub and minimises the risk of needlestick injuries.

Choose the correct IV catheter size
Reduce the risk of phlebitis by using the smallest catheter possible, which at the same time gives adequately IV fluid volume.

High quality for extra animal comfort
Features like biocompatible polyurethane tubing that softens at body temperature ensure a higher level of animal comfort
Weight including packaging in kg 0,31
Barcode 5703188337863