KRUUSE SafeVet Infusion Set, 30/pk

■ KRUUSE IV infusion set with air vent and needle-free injection site
■ Easy administration
■ Flow rate regulation
■ Reduced risk for stick injuries
■ Easy attachment
■ Drip chamber with 15-micron fluid filter
■ Soft and kink-resistant PVC tubing, 200 cm / 74"
■ DEHP-free, latex-free
■ 200 cm long tubing

User-friendly and safe
The needle-free injection site is placed 30 cm from the distal end of the tubing, reducing the risk of stick injuries and easing the administration of periodic medication.
A sharp and winged spike ensures easy insertion into the IV fluid container, and the flow rate can easily be regulated by adjusting the roller clamp.
The transparent and flexible drip chamber is easy to fill and the air vent, which must be closed during periods of interrupted infusion therapy, prevents under-pressure.
The rotating Luer Lock fitting at the distal end eases attachment to the IV catheter.

*Be careful not to over-hydrate the patient and do not leave patients unattended while receiving fluid therapy.
*Close the air vent during periods of interrupted infusion therapy.

Weight including packaging in kg 1,20
Barcode 5703188337771