KRUUSE IV Spiral Infusion Set, small animal


■ IV infusion sets without air vent (bigger premimum chamber).
■ Rotating Luer Lock without needle
■ Flow-regulating roller clamp
■ 350 cm spiral tube
■ Latex Free Y-injection site
■ Drip count of approximately 20 drops/ml
■ Sterile, should not be used for blood or blood components

The long and curly spiral tubing prevents the animal from slipping or stumbling, allowing the hospitalised patient to move freely while in a cage.

Free movement and adaptation
The tubing will be kept close to the infusion bottle and upon movement it will be prolonged simply by a gentle pull.
The rotating Luer Lock fitting eases attachment to the IV catheter and ensures free movement of the infusion set when the animal moves around. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of phlebitis, as the mechanical impact of the IV catheter is reduced.

Improved working procedures
The Y-injection site allows giving medication periodically, while infusion is on-going, saving time and easing treatment for the animal.
The flow rate can easily be regulated to the desired flow by adjusting the roller clamp.

Be careful not to over-hydrate the patient and do not leave patients unattended during fluid therapy.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,09
Barcode 5703188235954