KRUUSE IV Infusion Set, with air vent and Y-injection site, 20 drops/ml, 30/pk

■ Standard infusion set for gravity use
■ Y-injection site
■ Air vent
■ Rolling clamp
■ Rotating Luer Lock
■ Drop factor: 20 drops/ml
■ 30/pk

1) Close the regulating clamp and air vent cap
2) Remove the protective cap from the spike and insert the spike into the fluid container to its full length. Be careful not to compromise the sterility of the product
3) Open the air vent cap and squeeze the drip chamber until the drip chamber is approximately half filled
4) Remove the protector cap at the end of the tube (be careful not to compromise the sterility of the product), open the regulating clamp allowing the fluid to completely displace the air in the tubing. Close the clamp tightly
5) Perform the vein-puncture in accordance with clinical practice and allow blood to fill the needle/I.V. catheter. Connect (screw on) the tube to the needle/catheter and open the regulating clamp gradually to regulate the flow of fluid

NB: Be careful not to over-hydrate the patient and do not leave patients unattended while receiving fluid therapy
Close the air vent during periods of interrupted infusion therapy

Weight including packaging in kg 1,12
Barcode 5703188313812