KRUUSE Burrette Set, sterile, 150 ml

■ Easy gravity infusion device with dosage container for accurate and controlled infusion particularly suited for veryfor small animals.
■ High dosing accuracy
■ Volume control
■ Clear, soft, cylindrical and calibrated 150 ml drip chamber with clear graduation
■ Y-injection site
■ Bacteria-proof air valve
■ Soft, anti-kink PVC tube
■ Sterile
■ Suitable for very small animals, controlled infusion therapy
■ Tube length 150 cm
■ Drip factor: 60 drops/ml
■ Filter Size: 15 Microns
■ 1 pc.

Controlled and accurate
The KRUUSE Burette Set offers volume control, which ensures high accuracy in dosing for very small animals receiving fixed volumes of 0-150 ml.
The automatic closing valve safeguard that the fluid inflow automatically stops at the pre-set volume without allowing air in the tubing.

Easy and time-saving
The Y-injection site allows giving medication periodically, while infusion is on-going, saving time and easing treatment for the animal.
When using the KRUUSE Burette Set an infusion pump is not required.

Delivered with an injection port for periodic medication and an automatic closing valve.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,09
Barcode 5703188235947