KRUUSE IV Extension Hose, with flow regulator 5-250 ml/hour, 20/pk

■ Adjustable flow regulator for controlled and accurate infusion
■ Dosing from 5 to 250 ml per hour
■ DEHP- and latex-free
■ Soft and kink-resistant PVC tubing
■ Male and female Luer Locks, compatible with other IV devices.
■ Y-injection site

Controlled fluid therapy
The adjustable flow regulator on the KRUUSE IV Extension Tube has dosing from 5 to 250 ml per hour, allowing you to have fairly accurate and controlled infusion, without the need for an infusion pump.
The soft and kink-resistant PVC tubing ensures a uniform flow rate.

Compatible and easy to use
Inclusion of male and female Luer Locks makes it compatible with other IV devices.

The Y-injection site allows giving medication periodically, while infusion is on-going, saving time and easing treatment for the animal.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,47
Barcode 5703188342539