KRUUSE Extension Line, 75 cm, 50/pk


■ Priming volume: 6.46 ml/meter
■ Length: 75 cm
■ O.D. 4.2 mm
■ Sterile
■ 50/pk

Fluid therapy is important for many medical conditions in veterinary medicine. KRUUSE Extension Lines ease in-clinic procedures.
Fluid therapy must be individualised, tailored to each patient, and constantly re-evaluated and reformulated according to changes in status. Follow the guideline of the hospital or clinic.

Instructions for use
1. Connect the extension line to the IV catheter at one end and the infusion set at the other end and extend the scope of the line
2. Connect the female Luer Lock of the extension tube to the male fitting of the infusion set
3. Remove the protective cap of the male Luer Lock, expel the air from the tube and close the regulating clamp
4. Connect the male Luer Lock to the IV device and regulatethe flow by adjusting the rolling clamp to achieve the desired flow rate

Never leave patients receiving IV fluid unattended.

Weight including packaging in kg 0,70
Barcode 5703188330048