KRUTEX Surgical Gloves, powdered, sterile, 50 pairs

■ Lightly powdered for excellent dry donning capabilities
■ Micro-textured providing good grip for efficient instrument handling
■ Hand specific with curved finger design for maximum dexterity
■ Compounded primarily from high-grade natural rubber latex
■ Free of thiurams and thiazoles
■ Low protein and UN-detectable chemical due to extensive leaching during manufacturing process
■ Optimum thickness distribution for excellent tactile sensitivity
■ Biodegradable, environmentally friendly
■ Excellent viral barrier properties
■ Packed in premium PET/PE film pouch for added protection
■ Creamy white to pale yellow in colour (natural)
■ EO sterilised
■ Size 6
■ 50 pairs

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The KRUTEX Latex Surgical Gloves are manufactured to the highest standards and provide you with an excellent surgical glove, which is less expensive that the KRUTEX Vet-Gel Glove.

Our KRUTEX Latex surgical gloves with powder meet the following standards: EN 455 parts 1, 2 & 3
■ ISO 13485
■ ISO 9001
■ ISO 14971

Material Latex
Weight including packaging in kg 1,26
Barcode 5703188245762