KRUTEX Examination Gloves, vinyl, powder-free, 100/pk

■ Easy donning and removal
■ Strengthened rolled cuff
■ Extra thin for increased sensitivity and feel
■ Super stretchy (fatigue-free)
■ Free of latex and protein
■ Powder-free for extra allergen protection
■ Super soft providing superior user comfort
■ Easy size recognition on box
■ Colour-coded catalog number for easy recognition
■ Size: S
■ 100/pk
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Examination Gloves
When choosing an examination glove, you have the choice of three glove films: Latex, Vinyl or Nitrile.
In veterinary practices we recommend the latex gloves, however, if you are allergic to latex we recommend the nitrile and if economy is your most important parameter, choose vinyl.

Nitrile gloves have also become very popular as a milking glove in dairy farms due to its high strength.
Powder free vinyl gloves are also very popular when collecting semen at boar stations.

Below chart rates the three types of glove films against the important parameters, which you will evaluate when choosing a glove.

Material Vinyl
Weight including packaging in kg 0,51
Barcode 5703188031853