BUSTER VET Examination bag, 2-4 kg, navy

■ X-ray transparent strong nylon
■ Openings allow for the administration of vaccinations or examinations
■ Hand-washable
■ Gentle restraint
■ Suitable for: examination, vaccination, administration of drugs
■ 1/pk
The BUSTER Vet Examination Bag is an all-in-one product that meets the combined needs of the patient, veterinary staff, and owners.
It is a strong nylon bag for smaller patients in veterinary clinics (cats, small dogs and rabbits). A professional tool, designed for intensive use and adapted to suit a wide range of daily tasks: examination, vaccination, administration of drugs.
The examination bag is opened on top (along the back of the patient) using three large Velcro bands (open and close in the respective direction). Double zip gives access to the tail. Two pairs of zips (front and back of the bag) to give access to the paws and limbs. Neck collar with Velcro for easy and quick opening and closing. Made of tough, claw-proof nylon selected for its mix of rigidity and flexibility. Nylon material is X-ray transparent.
Material Nylon
Weight including packaging in kg 0,31
Barcode 5703188225924