Suma with super LpH w/o chloride, for dishwashing, 5 L


SumaMed Super LpHer is a concentrated special agent for washing items such as surgical instruments, personal aids, basins, washbasins, etc.
SumaMed Super LpHer is a liquid special agent, formulated for use on a wide range of instrument washers, basin washers, dishwashers, etc. The product's unique composition makes it low alkaline while effectively loosening dirt and binding water hardness so that it gives a very nice washing result. Even in hard water, limescale build-up on workpieces and machines is avoided.

  • Effectively loosens dirt and dried blood
  • Prevents limescale build-up on basins / washbasins and in the machine
  • High concentration in the product provides excellent usage economy
  • Can be used for washing wheelchairs and personal aids in special machines
Weight including packaging in kg 5,10
Barcode 7615400104147